Prueba de nivel de inglés gratis

Antes de seleccionar tu curso, te aconsejamos hacer esta prueba de nivel de inglés gratis.
El resultado te indicará el curso más adecuado a tus necesidades.

Bienvenido a nuestra prueba de nivel de inglés gratis. El test contiene 100 preguntas y está dividido en 6 secciones.

  1. Gramática
  2. Construcción de frases
  3. El inglés de los negocios
  4. Comprensión
  5. Gramática avanzada
  6. Expresiones idiomáticas

Completa todas las preguntas que puedas en todas las secciones y a continuación, para sacar tu nivel, pincha sobre el botón «¿Cuál es mi nivel?» ubicado al final del test.

¡Buena Suerte!

Grammar / Gramática



he, she it



My name Dave.

I to bed at 10 o’clock last night.

I like to study English.

a lawyer?

Where  study?

abroad at Oxford in England.

Where your office?

My office is Exchange street.

coffee very much.

What  you looking for?

I have an apartment in Chelsea. I would like you to be my for a week.

Ben didn’t like anyone to come behind the in his shop.

Debbie was a student. In the evening she earned money by working as a in a restaurant.

My car is making an noise, so  I’m taking it for a tomorrow.

They told us that their friend lived just outside Stockholm in a Swedish cottage.

The presenter made a terrible . He didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.

I love the . It’s so quiet and beautiful.

Dan sat down at the table and saw that he had a plate but no , so Dan called the and he brought him some immediately.

That was an excellent party, You are a very good .

Sally didn’t feel very well, so she went to the near her house.

We spent a very interesting evening speaking to Jane. She has an unusual and spent her first few years in China.

John wants to study medicine and to in heart diseases.

The hotel is always full in summer. I’m going early this year.

That was the best I have ever tasted.

I to go tomorrow but I’m not very well.

One say that, but I couldn’t comment.

You to study more then you do better in your exams.

Dave his pen and wrote a letter.

When I was young I like going fishing.

Sentence construction / Construcción de frases

Most Europeans be using a common currency, the EURO, the next 2 years. This article written to provide a general in clear straightforward terms of what happen during the transition from our European currencies to the single EURO currency.

Most are unclear about the consequences of the EURO, but know that its will be quite complex and undoubtedly will effect all European . Due to this, the article poses and answers the questions asked regarding the EURO and the «Transition Period» that is commonly by financial experts and politicians alike.

We feel it is important that the EURO is because it will to some extent , but more importantly it is a major milestone in the larger plan for a fully Europe.

Business English / El inglés de los negocios

Select the explanation that best describes the following business terms:




Ball park figure.


Project life cycle.

Business Process Re-Engineering.


In lieu of.

Junk mail.






Comprehension / Comprensión

Read the following and then answer the questions:

Great grandma lived in a small village called Edingley in the county of Nottinghamshire. She was born in 1895, the youngest of a family of six children.She went to school at the age of five. At first she attended a dame’s school which cost her parents two pence a week, then later she attended a school for older pupils in Farnsfield, a village about one and a half miles from her home.

I think she would take sandwiches to school for her lunch because it would take about half an hour to walk to school. She would have to walk because there were no buses in country places in those days.At school she would learn the three R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic.

Schools were not well supplied with equipment in those days. For instance there might be only one book for the whole class in the reading lesson. Each pupil in turn would take the book and read a page aloud.Writing would be done on a slate using a slate pencil. Every pupil had a piece of rag or a cloth, to scrub the slate clean. The teacher would write a letter of the alphabet on the blackboard and all the pupils would copy it on their slates and then show it to the teacher.

When the pupils got older they were given paper to write on. They used pen and ink. Every pupil’s desk had a groove along the top where a pen could be kept; it also had a hole called the ink well which held a small pot of ink. Each class had a pupil who was called the ink monitor. It was his or her job to make sure that every pupil had ink in their ink well.Arithmetic lessons usually consisted of learning your tables or doing sums.

In learning your tables pupils had to sing their multiplication tables starting with the two times table and finishing with the twelve times tables. The nine times table was hardest, especially in the middle where you have six nines and seven nines.

How many bothers and sisters did great grandma have?

Where did great grandma go to school when she was older?

What did the ink monitor do?

What are the results of the «hardest» multiplications in the 9 times table?

Advanced Grammar / Gramática avanzada

I my account balance this morning.

The bus went out of and crashed into the wall.

John is very hot headed, he cannot his temper.

I forgot to if Julia is coming tomorrow.

The package was to the correct address.

He failed to on his promises.

She quickly of her outstanding work.

The taxi company’s control centre taxis all over town.

I would like to about your mortgage offer.

If you need help, please go to the desk on the 3rd floor.

She her current account statement.

I have a list of that still need to be addressed.

The new employees are currently attending a corporate programme.

All children must attend compulsory until they are 16.

All good universities have excellent facilities.

I give up, it’s a cause!

If you leave the queue, you’ll your place!

I track of the time so I my bus.

The bereaved suffered a very experience.

The father a story to his children.

They it might rain today.

Idiomatic Expressions / Expresiones idiomáticas

Out of the into the fire.

Go tell it to the .

A in the hand is worth two in the .

You can’t get from a stone.

As dead as a .

Resultados de la prueba de nivel de inglés

Out of/
Grammar / Gramática
Sentence construction / Construcción de frases
Business English / El inglés de los negocios
Comprehension / Comprensión
Advanced grammar / Gramática avanzada
Idiomatic expressions/ Expresiones idiomáticas
Duration / Tiempo transcurrido
Your level is / Tu nivel es
Recommended EBC Course / Curso EBC recomendado

Fin de la prueba de nivel de inglés